About Us

Who are we?

Orcop Parish Hall is looked after by a small committee of volunteers on behalf of everyone in the community. New members and general offers of help are always welcome.
The hall is available to be hired for a one off event such as a party, wedding, meeting etc, or we welcome regular users.

We are open for all age groups and denominations.

The hall committee holds a variety of different events to encourage different members of the community to support them; the aim being to raise funds for the maintenance and improvement of the hall.


A Brief History

The original Village Hall, as it was referred to, was built and opened in 1929. According to history, it was in 1925 that the ‘good men of Orcop’ decided to raise the necessary funds to fulfil their dreams. The  princely sum of £500 was needed . However, after 9 months they had only raised £2- 6s-6d (£2.32). A newspaper cutting reported that the womenfolk of Orcop, members of the formidable WI, decided things were not moving as fast as they might! So it was on a Thursday afternoon that the ladies of the WI set forth to raise the funds. In all it took only 2 years to raise these funds. Which proves the point, that if you want something done, ask a busy woman, or in this case, busy women.
The current hall, which was built in 1993, stands on the original site which is a quiet, yet accessible, location right in the centre of the Orcop parish boundaries. There are views in all directions to fields and hills, which makes this an ideal venue for Weddings and private parties.

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